Dell Streak vs. Apple iPad

Remember when phones were enormous? Think 1980′s. As technology advanced, phones and personal computers became smaller, thinner and cheaper. Then something changed on the mobile side: phone screens grew larger. Now, as phones are getting larger and computers are getting smaller – are the two converging to the same point? And what’s the size of that happy medium? In this special video, Leila Makki explores screen sizes and pins the 5 inch Android-powered Dell Streak against the nearly 10 inch iPad. Who will come out on top? Participants: Neal Hoskins, Director, WingedChariot Press Ian McFadden, S&P Business Manager, Dell EMEA Patrick Remy, VP Devices, Orange


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  1. ModernWarfareTDM says:

    @telecomtv who the fuck cares about flash, people hardly use it and its a waste of battery, and multitasking is just fine, yah i know its app switching but its never been an inconvenience, the only people who complain about this kind of stuff is you phuckdroids.

  2. victom111 says:

    The computes are still shrinking the screens are getting larger…. silly person screens have been getting larger throug out all time and computers have been getting smaller through out all time nothing’s changed =/ (i mean no disrespect to this person)

  3. VindictusFreak93 says:

    @telecomtv u dont need flash for everything maybe cuz this vid is older it wasnt out yet idk, but HTML 5 and other technology makes flash un needed and each day more people convert away from flash for a few reasons

  4. THEMrFill says:

    Making this comparison, I’d also like you to make other comparisons:
    Apple iPod Touch vs Samsung Galaxy S – a media player vs a phone, so a similar comparison.
    Apple TV vs any desktop computer – a media player vs a computer, as much of a valid comparison as a PHONE vs a MEDIA PLAYER!

    PLEASE will people stop making this utterly insane comparison, as they’re NOT comparable devices!

  5. UltimateSubZr0 says:

    very misleading video. there is no comparison, the ipad is not a laptop alternative and i still have no idea what the hell they are talking about >.<

  6. TheHempMessiah says:

    @telecomtv Compare the ipad to the Dell Inpiron Duo Convertible

  7. Yvesyew says:

    good comparison, I am gonna make a video about the comparison between of iphone 4 and Dell Alienware.

  8. capufo says:

    @RemofRenaissance i would say that what made the ipad good was the iOS n the good apps without app there is nothing.

  9. RONALDB62 says:

    She sure says long, hard and big alot….

  10. jaska323 says:

    @telecomtv Now you can multi-task =) And you can get flash player whit jailbreak..but Steve doesen’t like flash because its laggy shit

  11. davefgranger says:

    @telecomtv and it has no keyboard, and no webcam, and you need to already own a computer to put media on it.

  12. YourLoveLetter says:

    i think dell streak 7 is the right size… its right on the money. 10 inch tablet to me is pointless, you might as well just get a 10 inch netbook that does way more and has a keyboard.

  13. katsioylas says:

    ipad is NOT a pc its a browsing device and try to convince me how is that a pc wtf shes stupid

  14. THEMrFill says:

    I LOVE these comparisons…
    The Dell Streak IS A PHONE, the iPad ISN’T A PHONE!

    There, comparison over!

    Next I’d like you to compare the iPod Nano to the Samsung Galaxy S, because that’s about the same comparison as these 2… next time learn about what the products actually do before you do a comparison.

  15. Notyu1459 says:

    @juniormtz1221 No, that wouldn’t be fair, because it obviously kicks their asses :D

  16. Notyu1459 says:

    Runs on Microsoft 7? You sure you’re saying that right?

  17. ianmolt says:

    0:09 thats what she said

  18. AlphaDwg says:

    the Dell streak is neither a tablet or phone you can’t really compare the two.

  19. failroom says:

    @telecomtv i hate flash html 5 all the way

  20. commandoPR says:

    why is there a steering wheel on the computer at 0:43 ?? i cant believe they were playing need for speed all the time!

  21. AngryChris09 says:

    Lol @ the beginning ” what the the hell does that mean”.

  22. wendelbai says:

    During the day mY streak with its remote desktop ,high resolution camera , push email help me a lot in business. When I am studying part time. I easily capture the whole lecture and read my pdf easily.

    IPAD is too big to be used by everybody. It can get stolen, damage easily. THe streak is an IPAD + IPHONE.

  23. wendelbai says:

    @RemofRenaissance DO you have an IPAD?
    Ergonomy? Ipad = 0. SO it can’t be an alternative to laptop. You will have neck and left hand pain if you use the ipad as a substitute. I have one and only at bedtime i find it easy to use.

  24. wendelbai says:

    @juniormtz1221 your right . but

    The streak surpass all of them and lands in Ipad yard. I have both. The streak is much more portable and have a bright future. I use my blue tooth mic to make calls but i rarely use it .

  25. shammadamma says:

    For me, the beauty of the Streak is that it’s like having an iPhone and an iPad in a single device. It’s not really a 1:1 comparison between the Streak and the iPad, since the Streak is also a phone.

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